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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Labsert Laboratory Services and Technologies Ltd.

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You can freely contact us to become an international distributor to supply the products throughout the world. KChrom manufactures Quechers kits, SPE products and sorbent chemical groups. Before establishing a business plan with us, it should be more effective to select the most suitable product group(s) for your business network. We are happy to assist you for this decision.


If you would like to establish a business networks in your country, you can download our application form by clicking button below or you can send us your formal application form by e-mail:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept credit card, money transfer or online payment on your web site?


- No, this web site is not based on e-commerce trading. The only way to buy our products is to contact your local distributors.



Q: There is not a local distributor in my region, how can I get quotation?


- Global and local distributors are listed on our web site. You can find them on the web page.  If there is not a local distributor listed in related web page for your region, you can contact us directly by e-mail to get quotation.



Q: Which costs and informations are given on the quotations?


- You find total cost on the quotations which includes shipment price, documentation fees, product prices and all other related costs. Detailed informations about products and packaging are also given on the papers.



Q: Which currencies do you accept and what is your payment term?


- We offer our quotation in Euro and we accept Euro as major currency for international transaction. We can also accept USD if you require it before quotation. Payment terms to all our global distributors and customers are strictly 100% advance only.



Q: Do you send certifications, safety data sheets with the products? What is language of documents?


- Products are delivered with all related documents such as analysis certificates, invoices, specification sheets etc. We try to decrease waste of printed paper use and for this purpose, we do not prefer to send safety data sheets (SDS) as hard copy when not otherwise specified because safety data sheets are always accessible on our web site as downloadable and printable files when necessary. Language of the all documents is English.

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Labsert Laboratory Services and Technologies Ltd.

Address: Mahmudiye M. Bahceler C. Matiat Is Merkezi 5/34 33100 Akdeniz - Mersin - Turkiye

Phone: 90 850 3034076 / Fax: 90 850 2035153


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