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QuEChERS is an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe which exactly explains its purpose. The QuEChERS procedure entails a number of simple analytical steps and is thus fast and easy to perform and little susceptible to errors. Two of the QuEChERS versions using buffering have been validated in interlaboratory trials for dozens of pesticides in several food matrices, and both have successfully met performance criteria to achieve "official" status from international standard organizations (AOAC Official Method 2007.01 and CEN Standard Method EN 15662).


KChrom QuEChERS Kits make sample preparation easy. Method is a quick and efficient process to extract multi-residue target compounds from food samples while removing unwanted interferences such as organic acids, lipids, pigments, sugars, and more. KChrom QuEChERS kits contain leak-proof centrifuge tubes, pre-weighed free-flowing salts (pure and dry) in slim packs to make extraction a snap and dispersive SPE mixtures.


KChrom dispersive SPE clean-up kits, prefilled in 2 and 15mL centrifuge tubes, contain PSA (primary secondary amine) sorbent to remove sugars and fatty acids and magnesium sulfate to remove water. These mixtures are available with or without GCB to remove pigments from colored extracts and/or C18 to remove remaining lipids.


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Extraction Kits

KChrom extraction salts and buffers are prepackaged in anhydrous packages. Extraction kits include: 50 polypropylene centrifuge tubes (50 mL) with leak-proof caps, MgSO4, NaCl, or other salts in salt pouches for buffering.


These pre-weighed free-flowing salts (pure and dry) in slim packs to make extraction a snap and dispersive SPE mixtures with high-purity phase chemicals. Extraction kits supports AOAC 2007.01 and EN 15562 methodologies.

P/N: QEK-001
Method: AOAC 2007.01

- 6g MgSO4

- 1.5g Sodium Acetate

Pack: 50 Salt Pouches + 50ml Tubes
P/N: QEK-002
Method: EN 15562

- 4g MgSO4 + 1g NaCl

- 1g TSCD + 0.5g DHS

Pack: 50 Salt Pouches + 50ml Tubes
P/N: QEK-003
Method: Original Unbuffered

- 6g MgSO4

- 1.5g NaCl

Pack: 50 Salt Pouches + 50ml Tubes
P/N: QEK-004
Method: Original Unbuffered

- 4g MgSO4

- 1g NaCl

Pack: 50 Salt Pouches + 50ml Tubes

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