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We, as KChrom would, like to build this blog page for a quick information sharing with our customers about international methods, application documents, latest news abous us and general papers regarding chemistry, life science, theoretical publications etc.


If you would like us to review a subject in accordance with our product lines, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can select one of the section titles below and get the latest KChrom announcements.

You can find and download some international methods for your applications.
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General Papers
We would like to share open source international reviews and publications



Scientific report for using QuEChERS kits in multi-residue food analysis according to AOAC 2007.01 method.
Scientific report for using QuEChERS kits in multi-residue food analysis according to EN 15662 method.
International publication regarding pesticide analysis in fatty food matrixes in journal of AOAC international.


If you would like to prepare your own SPE cartridge, feel free to benefit from our guideline and tools.
KChrom Catalog
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Quechers Kits Contents
We offer a document to list all KChrom quechers kits to look over their contents and intended purposes.


Bulk Chemical Datasheets

We manufacture high quality sample preparation bulk chemicals. These pure chemicals are suitable for Quechers and SPE methods for your own sample preparation applications. You can find datasheets of our chemicals on "sorbent chemicals" page for more information.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system has been registered to ISO 9001:2015 by DAKKS accredited certification company. All our documents and procedures are prepared according to ISO 9001 clauses. Our quality management system is audited yearly by independent accredited company.

New Quechers Kits

Manufacturing of new Quechers kits were finished after a long research and development period. All our extraction kits and extraction cleanup kits are produced according to AOAC and EN methods.
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